Implementing the `is-homeable` trait

The is-homeable trait is formally defined by YEP-305.

Homeable hardware have a procedure which resets to a known position. Homed devices are then returned to their destination. This trait is required to be applied to a Hardware (or a subclass like ContinuousHardware) daemon, and introduces only one additional method:

from yaqd_core import Hardware

class ExampleHomeable(Hardware):
    _kind = "example_homeable"
    traits = ["is-homeable"]

    def home(self):
        # Since homing is typically a long process, start a new asynchronous task
        # This may not be necessary, depending on how your device behaves,
        # but remember that home is defined as returning to the current destination
        # This method should return quickly, not wait for the homing to complete.
        loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

    async def _home(self):
        self._busy = True
        # Initiate the home
        await self._not_busy_sig.wait()

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